Guaranteed Energy Savings

Guaranteed Energy Savings contracts offer public owners an innovative option for financing capital improvements. State legislation has enabled schools, universities, municipalities, and other public owners to address deferred maintenance issues, provide needed renovations and improve the quality of the environment in a proven, flexible and cost effective way.

GRP|WEGMAN Performance Contracting is
the Smart Choice

The energy savings, operational savings, and capital costs avoidance savings generated by the building improvements are used to help offset the initial costs. GRP|WEGMAN even guarantees the savings. GRP|WEGMAN is a proven provider, serving its customers for more than 65 years.

As a part of GRP|WEGMAN, Performance Contracting specializes in a holistic approach to improving,  modernizing, and maintaining existing buildings while providing energy efficient systems.    We have the ability to self-perform aspects of the project, providing a cost-competitive solution.

Providing long-term benefits for every student, staff and community member.

-Single-Source Accountability from Concept to Completion  
-Quality Project Management throughout the Length of the Project  
-Ability to Work with Local Partners and Contractors      
-Safety Record that is Unmatched in the Industry      
-Service, Support, and Training for Your Staff      
-On-time Delivery

Case Studies

For more information about GRP|WEGMAN's Performance Contracting contact:

Bob Fogarty

Vice President - Performance Contracting