Lowry Electric was founded by Wendell Lowry in 1921 and located in Sauget, Illinois.  Lowry started out doing residential electrical work, but then landed work at the Monsanto Plant in Sauget. It was at this time that they expanded their market into the industrial electrical sector.

In the 1930’s, Lowry’s industrial and commercial capabilities expanded to include clients such as Mobil Oil, Phillips Pipeline, Cerro Copper, Amax Zinc, Ober Nester Glass, Granite City Steel, Sterling Steel, and Moss Tie.

In 1961, Wendell Lowry passed and the company was sold to Mr. John Freidli.  Mr. Freidli was an employee of Lowry Electric. He had nearly 25 years of experience as an electrician at Monsanto, as well as, Cerro Copper.  Lowry transformed into an industrial electrical company and began to expand its work force in the Alton, Wood River areas.

The company changed hands again in 1975, when Oliver Hartman purchased it from John Freidli; the company was then sold to Robert Hartman in 1987.  Under Robert Hartman’s leadership, Lowry Electric has become a company that specializes in meeting the needs of the area’s commercial and industrial business.

January 1, 1999, Wegman Electric Company purchased Lowry Electric Company.  Lowry was a great investment for Wegman and increased sales over 25%.  The purchase of Lowry increased Wegman’s market horizontally and created strong relationships for both companies.  

Gary Bland became Vice President of Lowry Electric in 2001, and currently manages the +100 employee team. Both Wegman and Lowry were acquired in 2018 by GRP Mechanical, now GRP|WEGMAN.  Lowry has continued a strong growth trend over the past 20 years by acquiring great relationships with their industrial and commercial clients.


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