-Committed to Safety-
Our Guiding Principles

For over 60 years we have evolved and adapted our business to create a culture of safety first.  We believe accidents are preventable.  Whether it is our customers, our employees or our communities, maintaining safe and accident free work is our way of doing business.

GRP|WEGMAN Safety Orientation Video

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GRP|Wegman Safety Orientation Video

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We base our projects and environment on:

  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Monitoring

We consistently reinforce these values using the following methods:

  • All of our employees participate in a Comprehensive Safety Program, which is continually updated to include any changes in the best practices of training, task planning, auditing, recognition and incident investigation.
  • Each day, employees attend a toolbox meeting to discuss the day’s tasks and identify potential hazards.  Through planning, those hazards are minimized by the conscious effort of our experienced leadership team and through employee input.
  • We always enforce the use of proper personal protective equipment.  Awareness and recognition go hand in hand.  We plan, prepare and train to be safe, and we recognize those who identify areas for improvements or excel at creating safety zones.

  • Our employees regularly conduct hazard assessments of their work areas to ensure that their peers are acting safely.  We utilize a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to plan work activities and ensure all employees understand their tasks and potential risks associated with those tasks.

Every year we hold a forum with all management, general foremen and foremen to drive safety.

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