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GridMarket Announces New AI-Driven Digital Tool Designed to Support Clean Energy Technology Providers and Project Developers

March 8, 2024
Solar Panel Installation - GRP|WEGMAN

GridMarket is proud to announce a new offering for preferred technology partners. The service provides AI-driven analytical tools for identifying, optimizing, and designing clean energy projects by reimagining the use of the GridMarket’s proven project prospecting tool.

Every day, solutions providers and project developers spend excessive time evaluating and scoping opportunities, often reaching roadblocks, facing resource constraints, or needing additional support to understand new markets, incentives, and process requirements. GridMarket identified these challenges and has created a service to accelerate preliminary analysis and pre-development through artificial intelligence. The platform identifies potential projects which provide optimal use-cases and returns for specific technologies, opening high-value markets and growing partner portfolios with curated, targeted opportunities and corresponding support.

The new model includes access to a digital prospecting module with customized prospecting search parameters and proprietary analytical tools for project system sizing, assessments, scoping, and design. Users also receive analyst support for platform and project optimization, including the ability to leverage GridMarket’s unique market knowledge and expertise to accelerate and realize projects.

The GridMarket platform contains over 750 million properties that have been prequalified for clean energy potential using AI and proprietary analytics. Preferred partners using the prospecting module can automatically view project suitability and sizing recommendations, then use additional tools and analytical support to further refine and optimize project scope. Additionally, partners who subscribe with analyst support can receive billing and rate optimization analysis, incentive identification and modeling, load profile/8760 synthesis, analysis for prospective project opportunities, and more.

“With the help of artificial intelligence, we're making it easier for partners to identify, process, and optimize project opportunities,” said Oisin O’Brien, Vice President of Data Analytics and Project Development at GridMarket. “Our prospecting module offers end-to-end project development and management support, designed to meet many of the needs and gaps we have identified in the market. GridMarket’s goal is to position preferred partners as technology market leaders, enabling them to respond faster to customer needs, anticipate industry trends, and deliver best-in-class projects.”

Preferred partner GRP|WEGMAN leverages the subscription program’s AI-driven analytical tools and services to accelerate the evaluation, optimization, and design of clean energy projects. This collaboration enables GRP|WEGMAN to efficiently identify valuable project opportunities, understand and adapt to new markets, and quickly scope renewable energy solutions with the aid of GridMarket's analytics and expert support. As a result, GRP|WEGMAN enhances its ability to target and assess potential projects rapidly, optimize project designs, and expand its market presence with data-backed insights and tailored solutions.

“Working with GridMarket has been like having an extension of our analytical, business development, and market research departments,” said Tim Bakker, COO at GRP|WEGMAN. “Automated analytical tools allow us to rapidly target and assess new and build on existing opportunities. Dedicated analytic support means we are able to optimize project design and understand the needs and viability of the markets where we are operating. Our alignment with innovative tools and platforms like GridMarket further exemplifies a dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and AI-driven analytics to stay ahead of industry trends and efficiently manage a growing portfolio of clean energy projects.”

As the energy industry continues to evolve with new technologies, business models, and operational strategies, forward-thinking providers are leading the market by embracing innovative tools for analysis and design. Those leveraging cutting-edge technologies and next-generation tools not only stay ahead of the curve with offerings for clients but are also able to process a greater volume of opportunities with enhanced speed and precision. By integrating AI-driven tools like those provided in GridMarket’s preferred partner program into their workflows, organizations like GRP|WEGMAN not only streamline their operational processes, but also elevate their service quality.

Since 2015, GridMarket has been a leader in the market, offering both customers and providers project development support. Reimagining how solutions providers can use and benefit from the tools built within the data platform is a natural next step in supporting market growth and accelerating project success. Additionally, GridMarket is focused on integrating this offering to support owners and commercial landlords as they understand and optimize procurement and onsite energy and monetize solutions across owned assets.

To learn more about solutions provider value and the subscription model, please reach out here.


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GridMarket is an energy project optimization platform and global marketplace leveraging big data and artificial intelligence to accelerate the global energy transition. Working with F500 and F1000 property portfolios, individual energy consumers, governments, and utilities around the world, GridMarket identifies and tailors best-fit energy projects, engages top-tier global solution providers, and mobilizes financial markets to help partners meet energy and net-zero carbon targets. GridMarket has a substantial global pipeline and portfolio of successful projects, spanning diverse customer types and geographic regions. GridMarket uses its platform and extensive clean energy expertise to open up new markets and facilitate distributed energy deployment through automation, predictive analytics, remote digital capabilities, and dynamic stakeholder engagement tools.

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Solar Panel Installation - GRP|WEGMAN
Solar Panel Installation - GRP|WEGMAN