Lowry Electrical Services


GRP|WEGMAN provides skilled electricians, lineman, and telecommunication workers all trained under an esteemed Joint Apprentice Training Committee to meet all electrical service needs/requirements for new and existing projects.

• High voltage line work
• Low voltage work
• Telecommunication (VDV
• Lighting design and installation (new and retrofit)
• Solar
• Wind Turbines
• Fire alarm & security systems
• Traffic signal maintenance
• Arc/Flash studies
• Thermal imaging testing


GRP|WEGMAN electric instrument technicians have experience in petrochemical plants in installation, troubleshooting and calibration of all instrumentation devices.  These technicians go through a 12-week certification course and are highly proficient.

• Compliance testing (loop checks and documentation of loop folders)
• Flow, pressure and temperature transmitters
• RTD/temperature elements
• Motor operated valves
• Small volume provers
• Ultra-sonic flow meters
• Coriolis meters
• Varec tank level gauges
• Tank radar level gauges