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We are excited to announce that GRP|WEGMAN is expanding our operations into Indiana, bringing our commitment to sustainability and cost-effective energy solutions to a new region. With over 70 years of business excellence and a decade of specialized experience in solar energy, we are ready to light up commercial, government, educational, and industrial sectors across Indiana. Our expert engineers, project managers, and technicians are prepared to deliver tailor-made solar projects from concept to completion, ensuring a seamless, efficient transition to renewable energy for you.

At GRP|WEGMAN, our dedication to clients extends beyond installation. Our comprehensive operations and maintenance services ensure that your solar panels remain optimized with real-time monitoring and monthly utility savings reports. This expansion into Indiana will allow us to offer these trusted services to a broader audience, providing peace of mind and significant long-term savings. As we enter this new market, we are excited to partner with Indiana businesses to reduce utility costs, enhance energy efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable future. Join us in making a difference with GRP|WEGMAN, where your success is our priority.

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HOW GRP|WEGMAN Supports our customers

  • Professional engineers develop sustainable long-term solutions to meet goals
  • Investigate financial solutions with no upfront costs
  • Experts in uncovering all State and Federal Incentives

What do we do?

  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Solutions
  • Electrical Solutions
  • Water Infrastructure Solutions
  • Energy Performance Contracting/Prime Retrofit/
Public Private Partnerships (P3)



Phillip Lowery

Phillip Lowery is the Vice President of Sales and Southeast General Manager at GRP|WEGMAN. He leads a team focused on energy and water management solutions, smart-grid design, and bioenergy production. Phillip oversees market development, sales, and operations across North America, driving the company's vision for sustainable solutions. With prior leadership roles at Johnson Controls, Energy Systems Group, and Honeywell, he has extensive experience in the ESCO community. Phillip is dedicated to servant leadership, supporting regional teams in developing large-scale projects valued between $20 million and $160 million.

Joe Pash

Joe Pash brings 24 years of experience in assisting government sectors with achieving their building infrastructure goals. He focuses on relationship building, business expansion, and delivering sustainable, healthy infrastructure solutions. Joe has worked with numerous cities across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, providing expertise in renewables, P3, decarbonization, net zero, resiliency, and digital solutions.

30% Investment Tax Credit

The IRA extends the ITC, allowing a 30% tax credit for the cost of installing solar energy systems.

Direct Pay for Non-Taxable Entities

Non-taxable entities like schools, municipalities, and non-profits can receive the equivalent of the ITC as a direct payment, effectively reducing installation costs by 30%.

Additional 10% for Low-Income Communities

Solar projects in low-income communities receive an extra 10% tax credit, totaling up to 40%, enhancing financial returns and promoting energy equity.

Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency Improvements

The IRA provides a $2,000 credit for energy efficiency improvements, such as solar installations, which can be claimed annually, maximizing financial benefits.

We Move Light years Ahead Of Our Competition With Our Innovative approach


Big, small and everything in between. We work hard to keep your budget top of mind.


We’ll take care of all the stress you’ve been carrying and help you get back to the work you love.


Finding cost savings in your facility is what we specialize in.


From the first idea to the last item completed, we pride our selves in making sure the work we do gets you results.


No two facilities are alike. We maintain and update your buildings as you want it.


We can help you get to where you want to go in a fast paced environment, faster.

"GRP|WEGMAN has an excellent understanding of Performance Contracting, which helped our District make significant improvements to our facilities in a short amount of time while saving both energy and operational costs. They have a very competitive business model that allowed our District to save time and money while updating our buildings. GRP|WEGMAN exceeded our expectations."

- Dan Cox, Former Superintendent
Staunton, IL School District

"I am very proud of the effort put forth by Widman and GRP to execute this project safely and timely! The team was able to embrace change and adapt quickly to meet the refinery needs. Great Teamwork!"

- Chris Egan (P66 Maintenance Superintendent)

How to Start Saving You Money On Your Facilities

Step 1

We’ll perform a needs assessment of your facility and create a proactive plan on how we can take care of and maintain your facility.

Step 2

We’ll sit down and listen to the unique needs of your facility and how we can help.

Step 3

We’ll go to work for you, making you look good and put your mind at ease knowing your facility is well taken care of.

The Hard Working Contracting Team In Your Corner

There is a lack of trust and advocating for the client in the industry. We are a team who puts the needs of our clients first. We build trust over time by completing projects that create economic stability in their organization. This is our mission. While it’s no easy task, we believe when you put the client’s needs above your own, stability and flourishing will happen.

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