Case Studies

Combining our comprehensive knowledge of construction and maintenance with our safety-driven work ethic has helped us create satisfied, repeat customers.  GRP|WEGMAN has extensive experience in a variety of powerhouse capacities:


Project Cost - $450,000

GRP|WEGMAN’s Electrical Division just recently completed the Wieland POSIT Bond Mill Upgrade this past month. Pre shutdown work started on 11/16/2020 with installing equipment and conduit runs prior to shutdown start date of 12/14/2020and schedule completion date of 12/30/2020.  

The team had installed approximately 85% of conduit runs prior to shutdown date. In the first two days the existing medium voltage transformer and disconnect switch were removed and the new 500kVA transformer and 5kV disconnect switch was set in place ready for conduit runs and the medium voltage splice box which was field measured and provided to GRP|WEGMAN’s sheet metal shop for fabrication and was completed less than one day for 2nd shift crew to install on site.

Once the conduit runs were completed wiring pulling activities started to facilitate and speed up this work activity the team had various speed pulls fabricated with actual wire number pre-printed on each conductor to facilitate the wire terminations.

The team worked two 12-hours shifts from 12/14/2020 through12/23/2020 and returned after the two-day Christmas break on 12/26/2020 and finished that evening with a first shift only at 7:00 pm. Therefore, completing the work 4 days ahead of Wieland’s schedule.


Visual and Ultrasonic Thickness inspection of three (3) boilers

Scope: During regulatory inspection of the boilers a significant amount of under insulation corrosion was suspected by the inspector due to a roof leak. Once the boilers were stripped of insulation we assisted by providing technical advice and performing UT thickness inspections on the boilers. Our findings were provided to the state inspector who utilized the information to perform a formal condition assessment of the boiler. Once inspections were complete, our insulators recovered the boilers.

During this project we also replaced a leaking sectional boiler used to maintain temperature in the facility's greenhouses with a new, more efficient unit.

Craft(s) Utilized:
Local 363 Boilermakers – Boiler and flue assembly.
Local 553 Pipefitters – Boiler plumbing and tuning.

Contract: $20K


Marathon Pipe Line Roxana-Ozark Station

Customer’s project consisted of Installing 4.16kV power feeders to new PDC building, installed 4.16kV feeders to three mainline pump motors. Installed 480V power feeds to MOV’s, sump pump, fast loop pump, DRA transformer, Instrumentation conduit and wiring for DIPT, PT, TT, RTD’s, VT, meters, small volume prover, DRA skid, sample building, lighting, security cameras, card readers, gate operators, heat trace and facility/station grounding.  Installed 300 ft. of cable tray system from PDC building to field equipment.

Crafts Utilized:  Local 649 IBEW Inside Wireman, VDV technicians, Linemen
Subcontractors: BERCO Industrial – Hydro-excavation; GRP Mechanical – Insulators and HVAC Technicians.


Platen Superheat Roof Penetration Repair Dutchman

Scope: Dutchman fabrication for use during outage(s) where the platen superheat tubes pass through the roof. Scope consisted of welding SA-213 T12 “safe ends” to SA-213 T91 to mitigate heat treatment in the field during an outage. Scope also consisted of welding a P22 sleeve to the T91 where the tube attaches to the roof casing. Having these dutchman available to the customer during the outage allowed for replacement without having to add to the on-site heat treat contractor's scope.

Craft(s) Utilized:
Local 363 Boilermakers – Welding and fabrication
Subcontractor(s): Team Industrial – Heat treatment and NDT

Contract: $102K


Platen Superheat Pendant Return Bend Fabrication

Scope: Utilizing customer supplied materials, boilermakers welding SA-213 T91 and SA-213 T/P 310 HCbN as necessary, fabricated replacement return bends in the fab shop.

Performing this work in GRP|WEGMAN's main fabrication facility created substantial cost savings for the customer by having spare parts available during their outage as well as minimizing the number of welds that may have to made in the boiler during the outage.

Craft(s) Utilized:
Local 363 Boilermakers – Welding and fabrication.
Subcontractor(s): Team Industrial – Heat treatment and NDT.

Contract: $59K


Contract: $1M +

Contract: $1M +

Platen Superheat Pendant Wrapper Tube Material Change

Scope: Customer’s project consisted of removing and relocating existing SA-213, T91 wrapper tube circuits.

For our portion of this scope we partnered with Local 363 Boilermakers and Team Industrial to perform a large number of dissimilar metal welds adding T91 ends to the new SA-213, T/P 310 HCbN tube bends. This allowed Prairie State to utilize the newly approved Alternative Welding Method 6 during the install of the new circuits. This provided outage cost savings and duration per weld by not having to perform Post Weld Heat Treatment in the field. This savings allowed the customer to perform more boiler maintenance during the outage and stay within the allotted system budget.

Craft(s) Utilized: Local 363 Boilermakers – Welding and Fabrication.
Subcontractor(s): Team Industrial – Heat treatment (preheat) and NDT via Phase Array Ultrasound.